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2016-03-22 11:47:25


This is an older project which i never really got around to writing about. Better late than never i guess.

So what is this "NeoClock"?
NeoClock is an Arduino based clock using three Neopixels for displaying the time. Each led represents hours in half a day, minutes in the hour and seconds in the minute. For each cycle of time the led completes a cycle in the color wheel, starting and ending in red. It's sorta similar to an analogue clock, just with colors.
So if the time is 13:45:35 the clock would display vaguely yellowish red : deep blue : light blue.

Sounds easy to read and totally practical right?
Any kind of precision is impossible. Having no color reference means the same time looks very different in different lighting conditions. Even worse, accuracy is incredibly important for reading the time correctly. I have personally managed to read it to five minutes accuracy, but other times missed by hours.

For anyone interested, the body of the clock consists of two metal plates bolted together with vanilla pod bottle caps covering the lights. As the Arduino itself is not capable of keeping time, a DS3231 timer module is also used.

As the clock is supposed to be on 24/7 and neopixels are quite bright, it is not too pleasant trying to go to bed in a strangely lit room, some brightness adjustment is done based on a list of monthly sunrise and sundown.

Repository can be found here. Tread carefully though. There may be dragons as it was never intended to be published.

2015-09-21 22:16:59

Dead end.

If you're anything like me, you've probably broken quite a few of those plastic ethernet connector holdinplaceamajigs too. Well, here's a solution: Dead end ethernet protectors - small plastic thingies for your plastic thingies to protect their plastic thingies! While they don't completely stop the connector caching other cables if pulled, it should completely hinder thingy breakage and will be quite eye-caching amidst the cable clutter- especially if printed in bright colors.

The model is quick and easy to print and doesn't waste any unnecessary filament. We are currently capable of printing a pair in a little over 10 minutes, but it should be possible to print it a lot quicker with a little fine-tuning or sacrifice of looks.

Download over on Thingiverse!

Tags: 3D Print DIY

2015-09-02 23:45:40

Building a 3d printer...

Recently i've been building a 3d printer with my brother.
During the last few weeks we have been calibrating and learning the intricacies of it, and have now reached a point where we can produce quite nice prints in an acceptable time without too many failed attempts.
The first small project has already been completed and printed, and the second one is on the way... Interesting things ahead!
For anyone interested, the printer we have been building is a Prusa i3 Rework. The frame is laser-cut from a 1 cm thick piece of acrylic glass, which in hindsight might not have been the best of ideas as it gets quite wobbly at times. All other parts have been sourced from a bunch of different retailers, local and across the web.

Tags: 3D Print DIY

2015-06-11 23:52:16

Whats up, OctoPub?

Wow, that's a really cringy title... Anyways.

Octopub has now reached a state where I'm starting to wonder what to do next. The site is fully functional and most found bugs have been ironed out. It might soon be time to move on to something new.

I do not intend to abandon the whole project however. I would highly welcome any- and everyone to have a look at it, and maybe even become part of the now actually existing but still very small user base. While the site should manage itself without any major problems, i will still be dropping by to see what is going on. In time i hope it might grow to its own little thing. Having a small community based around it would be quite cool.

The source code is also now open and available. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's quite well commented, so it should not be too hard to work out how everything fits together.
Source code can be found here.
Suggestions for future improvements are of course always welcome!

2015-06-11 23:48:23


2015-05-08 09:07:52 source now public.

Soo... I just discovered that the source for for some reason was closed... I fixed that...
Repos for
It's not the most exciting thing in the world and the code is quite messy and old, but i guess it could be used to quickly set up a simple website for images in a directory... Owell

2015-04-09 18:47:51

Rpi case animation

Just a short animation i did keep myself entertained while waiting for the 3d printer parts to arrive.

2015-03-29 01:01:45


2015-03-25 23:03:16

Lonely tree

2015-01-08 10:22:34

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