I am Silas, some young guy with a bit of knowledge on a lot of things.
I am somewhat capable of programming in Python and PHP.
I am not an artist but have done quite a few remixes in Ps and moddeled a bit in Blender.

This page itself is slowly developing and content will proboably be uploaded once in a while. Current plans for the site include:

  • Autommating the process of adding new stuff a bit. I'm guessing this will be done a bit like First step is to avoid changing the html code each time. DONE!
  • Adding some type of tagging system. Currently the sorting of images is a bit too fragmented in my taste. DONE!
  • Put something on the front page. At the moment it's a bit boring. I was considering some sort of 'latest' thing... DONE!
  • Changing this ugly white background to somehing better. DONE!
  • Updating this page with more useful stuff...


A.. eh.. Not completely inaccurate representation of me, weakly in the style of 'Sword & Sworcery'