2014-12-17 22:35:28

Minor updates to the site.

I just recently added a few things to the site...

  • The front page has been fixed up a bit. Text that is no longer needed has been removed and the "Example latest content" has been renamed to "Latest content" as that is what it now is...
  • Permalinks now work. In the bottom right corner along with a project link, a permalink link is now shown. The link links to a page showing only that post.
  • Made tags work. Tags in the bottom left can now also be clicked and actually work. Each tag links to a page showing all posts with that specific tag.
  • Next and previous links are now shown on the front page. The front page only shows 10 posts at a time. It is now possible to browse through older posts on the front page using the arrows at the bottom of the page.

I have recently had a weird error in chrome on my laptop where the menu items scale to a smaller size than they are supposed to when the mouse is moved from the button. It seems to be a clientside error so i'm not going to look further into it unless anyone else experiences the same problem. Drop me an email if it's also broken for you.
I will probably not be doing anything major to the site for the next while as i am quite happy with it at the moment and have found another project that most likely is going to take up quite a bit of my time.

EDIT(27/1/2015): The error in chrome appears to be gone now...