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2014-12-17 22:35:28

Minor updates to the site.

I just recently added a few things to the site...

  • The front page has been fixed up a bit. Text that is no longer needed has been removed and the "Example latest content" has been renamed to "Latest content" as that is what it now is...
  • Permalinks now work. In the bottom right corner along with a project link, a permalink link is now shown. The link links to a page showing only that post.
  • Made tags work. Tags in the bottom left can now also be clicked and actually work. Each tag links to a page showing all posts with that specific tag.
  • Next and previous links are now shown on the front page. The front page only shows 10 posts at a time. It is now possible to browse through older posts on the front page using the arrows at the bottom of the page.

I have recently had a weird error in chrome on my laptop where the menu items scale to a smaller size than they are supposed to when the mouse is moved from the button. It seems to be a clientside error so i'm not going to look further into it unless anyone else experiences the same problem. Drop me an email if it's also broken for you.
I will probably not be doing anything major to the site for the next while as i am quite happy with it at the moment and have found another project that most likely is going to take up quite a bit of my time.

EDIT(27/1/2015): The error in chrome appears to be gone now...

2014-12-07 23:15:47

The magic journey into sql storage of posts - Part 3.

All the old stuff has now been moved into the sql database!
Things diden't go as smooth as i had expected but the errors i ran into would have to be fixed sooner or later... Having to add stuff in phpMyAdmin after creating it elsewhere first seems a tad silly.
At least i now also have templates for other post and project types.
The magic journey is complete!

Tags: SQL Web Magic

2014-12-07 17:30:11

The magic journey into sql storage of posts - Part 2.

The basic sql/php has now been set up!
All parts of the "Projects" page and most of the front page is now generated from tables in the database. Minor additions like working tags, permalinks and link to the main project from each post will be added soon.
Only major thing left to do now is adding all the old content into the database.

Tags: SQL Web Magic

2014-12-07 03:58:05

The magic journey into sql storage of posts - Part 1.

As you may or may not have noticed,the front page has recently consisted of some weird gibberish rambling about posts and some sql database.
To your liking... Or disliking this will be the future of the site...
Not the useless text but the way it is stored and fetched to the user.
I have lately been setting up a sql database for storing and categorization of posts. Until now the whole website has been hardcoded which has led to far more work than needed and general unwillingness to add stuff to the site.
This is about to change.
Tables have been created and php functions written. The only thing left to do now is add old content to the system and make sql become html in some magic way.

Tags: SQL Web Magic

2014-07-06 14:02:17

Second SQL based post!

Woah! It actually works?! AMZNG!
Note from 1/19/2015: It can even be edited now!

Tags: SQL doge wow