VidGrid is a web application created to make watching YouTube videos an easier, simpler and more pleasant experience.
Only the most important features are kept and the ui has been simplified as much as possible.
Do you like the YouTube comments section? Since the only sane answer is no, it is not present here...
The application uses the youtube api v3 so expect no order in the listed videos. Until i find another solution or youtube fixes their damn api (Seriously, listing of videos from subscribed channels worked FINE in v2) it will remain like that.

2014 - Written by me in HTML CSS and JavaScript.

2015-01-07 17:06:22!

The basic functionality of VidGrid has now been created and uploaded to People can login with their google accouts and a semi-random list of the most recent videos from the channels the user is subscribed to will be shown.
Next thing to add wil proboably be a search bar.
Oh, and if you want to have a look, the repository is public.