An experiment.
OctoPub is a simple communication platform centered around anonymity, ease of access and keeping everything temporary. The website grabs content from a database kept in ram and presents it as threads containing messages. Threads are deleted after one weeks inactivity and only the 20 latest messages on a thread are viewable. Users are represented by a color id which resets when a new thread is created by the user, or at the click of a button.


2015 - Silas Alroe. - Logo by Jakob Pedersen. - Utilizing the js library marked for markdown handling and Plupload for file uploads.

2015-06-11 23:52:16

Whats up, OctoPub?

Wow, that's a really cringy title... Anyways.

Octopub has now reached a state where I'm starting to wonder what to do next. The site is fully functional and most found bugs have been ironed out. It might soon be time to move on to something new.

I do not intend to abandon the whole project however. I would highly welcome any- and everyone to have a look at it, and maybe even become part of the now actually existing but still very small user base. While the site should manage itself without any major problems, i will still be dropping by to see what is going on. In time i hope it might grow to its own little thing. Having a small community based around it would be quite cool.

The source code is also now open and available. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's quite well commented, so it should not be too hard to work out how everything fits together.
Source code can be found here.
Suggestions for future improvements are of course always welcome!