Dead end

Protector things for your interthings!

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Silas Alroe, Tobias Alroe - 2015 - Feel free to reuse, remix or whatever, just remember to give a bit of credit.. Oh, and keep it under a CC by-sa license.

2015-09-21 22:16:59

Dead end.

If you're anything like me, you've probably broken quite a few of those plastic ethernet connector holdinplaceamajigs too. Well, here's a solution: Dead end ethernet protectors - small plastic thingies for your plastic thingies to protect their plastic thingies! While they don't completely stop the connector caching other cables if pulled, it should completely hinder thingy breakage and will be quite eye-caching amidst the cable clutter- especially if printed in bright colors.

The model is quick and easy to print and doesn't waste any unnecessary filament. We are currently capable of printing a pair in a little over 10 minutes, but it should be possible to print it a lot quicker with a little fine-tuning or sacrifice of looks.

Download over on Thingiverse!

Tags: 3D Print DIY